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Thee met Aimée

Showoff post: Baby shower / child’s birthday cupcakes

Nijntje cupcakes 2Over the past months, I’ve also been making themed cupcakes. These ‘Nijntje’ cupcakes (a famous figure from children’s books) were for a boy’s third birthday, and the Mickey Mouse cupcakes were made for the guests of a babyshower. Contact me at theemetaimee [ at ] if you would like to order your own themed cupcakes!

Nijntje cupcakes 1

Mickey Mouse cupcake

Showoff post: Pirate ship birthday cake

This blog is mainly intended to regularly share my tested recipes with other foodies. But although my bakings are mostly meant to be eaten, every once in a while, a creation leaves my kitchen that is almost too cool to be eaten — if I may say so myself. These cakes/pies/cookies are not always very challenging to the home baker but they do deserve to be in the spot light for a bit.

So, those babies go into the ‘Showoff post’-category, and today I’d like to share with you the pirate ship birthday cake I made for my little foster brother, who turned six recently. I gratefully acknowledge the help of my fiancee, who turns out to have a hidden talent for working with fondant.

For the curious cats among you, this is how we got there:

One day ahead, we started molding the sails (just lay them out to dray on empty toilet paper rolls), cannons, and masts (fondant wrapped around a skewer). Next, we used an edible black marker to draw a skull and crossbone on one of the sails, and tylose -edible glue- to fix the sails to the masts.

The base was made out of a regular sponge cake. I used a a little leftover chocolate buttercream (=half custard+half butter+nutella to taste) to form a delicious middle layer and to smear the outside so the fondant would stick.

The ship was made out of a few layers of boat-like shapes (cut out of a flat brownie) and pieced together using some more chocolate buttercream. We then covered the outside with a piece of brown fondant, and drew on a wood structure-look using a skewer.

Needless to say, all the boys -and girls-  were impressed and fighting over who got to eat which part. (btw: those waves are just some whipped cream, piped with a decorating tip intended for piping ribbons)